Nuevo Orden

The release of the first album of Triángulo de Amor Bizarro in 2007, represented a significant new awakening of noise in Spain. The band is actually signed on Mushroom Pillow, an independent record label, which has been able to embody the changes that the new Spanish musical scene has been going through, guaranteeing a more diverse, universal and autonomous sound.



After several years rehearsing, they finally achieved a personal and ideal fusion of their national and international musical preferences. Getting inspiration from the most prominent features of the origins of Spanish indie bands, such as Surfin’ Bichos or Los Planetas but also from the alternative rock, shoegazing and noise rock from their beloved The Jesus and Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine. One can also find in them a certain touch of pop communicated through the song of New Order that inspires its own title. All this created a sound made up of wicked melodies and cryptic lyrics. Their second album Año Santo released in 2010 consolidated their two-faced style. Both a clear wild punk spirit (fierce and noisy in singles such as La malicia de las especies protegidas and De la Monarquía a la Criptocracia) and a pop trend in songs like Amigos del género humano. With this album, this band coming from a peripheral and small Galician town started being successful, winning awards Premios de la Música Independiente, getting recognition from Spanish press and touring in Spain Europe and México.


Their new album Victoria Mística, which was released last year, represents a step forward in their progress as a band thanks to the collaboration with the producer Sonic Boom. Isa’s female voices and melodies gain prominence in a very similar way to Bilinda Butcher to such an extent that they have been chosen as her band’s supporting act in her concert in México City. Their last single Estrellas Místicas deserves a special mention because it reveals their long going ability to fairly combine forcefulness and melody thus being liked by a wide range of public. Social and political criticism is even clearer in songs such as Robo tu tiempo or Lo hispano marcha la banca paga. The band continues alternating darkness and light, melody and industrial rage, rocker riffs and kraut rhythms with lyrics more eclectic and sharp than ever before.

L’auteur du jour: David, born and raise in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia. He likes Rock, Folk and Electronic music in general with a preference  for Indie-Folk, Neo-psychedelia, Dream Pop and Shoegaze.