Roosevelt am Strand

Roosevelt is Marius Lauber’s first solo-project after playing the drums in different bands like the German indie-band Beat!Beat!Beat! In 2012 the Cologne-based artist’s first single Sea got released and drew not only attention from various European music blogs to him, but also from the crew of the extraordinary London/Berlin record label Greco-Roman, which also features artists like Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and Disclosure. They signed him and in August 2013 the same label finally released his debut EP Elliot. In the follow up of the EP-release, Roosevelt toured extensively through Europe and the UK, playing shows together with fellow artists like Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Crystal Fighters and many others.


Roosevelt’s 4-track EP with its mixture of new wave, pop and synthie-sounds definitely creates a specific kind of dreamy dance music, which makes you want to be at the dance floor and lie on the beach at the same time. The songs might sound “commercial” but not too much like pop-music – right in the middle between relaxed tunes and danceable club music. His dreamy sound resembles bands like Washed Out, Caribou or Toro Y Moi. Especially the title track of his EP Elliot bears a strong resemblance with Caribou’s Odessa, but it is calmer and more down to earth. Roosevelt’s voice comes along as monotonous and simple but doesn’t fall silent without leaving a deep mark after listening to it. His steady voice also looms in Around you which is a very sensual and smooth track, only interrupted by a vibrating and hypnotizing synthesizer. Montreal is a more upbeat track but it also gives you the same hazy good-mood-atmosphere which the whole EP is able to create inside of you. The last song Sea is the best example for Roosevelt’s dreamy sound with its melodic synth-sounds, echoed voices and floating bass lines that get stuck in your head and really make you want to go to the sea.

2014 started well off for him, he was predicted by MTV Germany to be one of the next breakthroughs of the year. In a time where everybody is obsessed with electronic synthie-music, Roosevelt succeeded in creating something special which is definitely worth listening to.

L’auteur du jour: Tobias, born and raised in a small city in southern Germany. After a short phase of random music listening (mostly American boy groups), he found his first passion in the folk/singer-song-writer music of the 60’s. And even though his heart still belongs to the simple guitar sounds of folk music, he nowadays appreciates mostly the sounds coming from the “electronic” and “alternative” sector.