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Beijing State-Owned Assets Management Co., Ltd

The Beijing State-owned Assets Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "BSAM) emerged in theBeijing municipal state-owned assets management system reform tide. lts predecessor was the public institutionBeijing State-owned Assets Management Company which was established in 1992 and belonged to the therBeiing Municipal State-owned Assets Bureau. In April 2001, BSAM and the former Being Overseas Financing ancInvestment Management Center were restructured according to modern enterprise system, and became thewholly state-owned company specifically engaging in the capital operation. BSAM' s main functions were managing and operating state-owned assets. and ensuring the maintenance and appreciation of state-owned assets irflow. Since the establishment, BSAM has forged ahead in aspects such as investing and financing significantindustrial assets, organizing resources to serve the Capital development, managing and operating importantassets, and formed five industrial sectors such as finance, energy-saving and environmental-protection, parkdevelopment and operation management, cultures and sports, and information service. BSAM has been awardedthe Domestic Credit Rating AAA Class and lnternational Credit Rating A Class, and developed as the 100-bil.lion-level state-owned investment shareholding group with core competitiveness.

BSAM bore the functional missions of Capital state-owned enterprise consciously, grasped the Capital city strategic positioning firmly, and took the "Four Centers" function construction and “Five Measures" interconnectionor serving Beijing as central work and investment priority. ln recent vears, BSAM has displaved the advantages oiinancial industry actively, served the development of real economy and construction of high-grade, precisionand advanced industries; cultivated the energy-saving and environmental-protection industries deeply, anopushed forward the strategies of beautiful China: constructed and operated the science and technology anccultural industry parks, and served the construction of Beiing lnternational Center for Science & TechnologInnovation and Culture Center; gathered the cultural and sports industry resources, met the demands of citizensfor good life, and provided assistance for the construction of internationa consumption center city: acceleratecthe development of information industry, served the transformation of government affairs, industries, cities andlife digitalization, and provided support for Beiing constructing the global benchmark city of digital economyUpholding the "The Top Priorities ofthe Country", and whollvy planning the internal and external resources, BSANhas successfully completed the related service guarantee tasks of significant state activities such as activities oiConference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations (CDAC) Asian Culture Carnival, celebration activities of the 70thAnniversary of the Founding of the People' s Republic of China (PRC), celebration activities of the Centenary ofthe Founding ofthe CPC, Beijing 2022 0lympic Winter Games, and Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games.

Basing on the new development stage. BSAM will persist on the "Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with ChineseCharacteristics for a New Era" as guidance, circle around the central task of "lead the Chinese people of all ethnicgroups in a concerted effort to realize the Second Centenary Goal of building China into a great modern socialistcountrv in all respects and to advance the rejuvenation ofthe Chinese nation on a tronts through a Chinese patrto modernization”closely, carry out the new development concepts, integrate into the new developmentpattern, deepen the comprehensive investment shareholding businesses. make the Companv s main businessesrefined, excellent and strong, strive to construct the domestic first-class operative investment company assumingthe functions and missions of Capital state-owned enterprise in the new era, push forward the Capital development in the new era greatly, and make active contributions for composing the Beijingmasterpiece of building China into a great modern socialist country in allrespects, and advancing the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation on all fronts.